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Talibam! and Sam Kulik in 'Discover AtlantASS'

£4.00 - On Sale

We are proud to announce the release of Talibam! & Sam Kulik's new underwater thriller fairytale album "Discover AtlantASS"...

19-track CD with accompanying 30 page comic.

It marks not only Talibam!'s 25th recorded release since 2005, but also Talibam!'s first foray into opera, and their first record to be released alongside a comic book.

''Discover AtlantASS'' tells the story of a young teen named Franklin who gets abducted to the undersea world of Atlantis by a laid-back jazz fish revolutionary named Stinge. Together, they are ready to combat a disastrous oil spill which has nearly eradicated the vibrant community of poets, musicians, artists and fornicators who inhabit the undersea paradise.